Dragons – A Challenge in Chivalry

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Published by
Capital PC User Group, Inc.
DOS Genre
3rd-Person Perspective
Arcade, Paddle / Pong

Long ago in a far away land, the Princes Gwen was captured and imprisoned in a castle. Your goal is

to rescue her! The gameplay of Dragons is similar to a sideways version of Breakout. The good

sorcerer Bruce has provided you with a magical sword and five magic coins. Using the sword, you need

to bounce the coins into the bricks of the castle which will destroy them. When the coin bounces

back, you need to make sure you don’t miss it with the sword otherwise that coin will be lost; lose

all of your coins and the game ends. Unlike most Breakout style games, you don’t need to destroy

every brick on the screen, you only need to get a coin through all the layers of bricks and hit the

back wall to complete the level and advance in rank. To make the game more challenging, one of

several enemies will be wandering around the playfield, some of which will create additional bricks

to get in the way. They can be destroyed with a coin, however when that happens the game speed will

increase! As you increase in rank, the number of brick walls you need to get through will gradually

increase. Good luck on your quest…

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